CD, Creative directionBI, Brand identity

A graphic system concept to bring a brand identity to life.

The city of Porvoo felt their visual identity was dating and missing a visual language to express it. They did not want a new identity but instead a simple way to use it creatively, so we developed a versatile graphic system based on the existing assets to truly bring the brand to life.
Conept introduction
Central to the original visual identity and the city’s history is its coat of arms. Its origins and meaning still has some mystery but is undeniably a symbol of the city and its people. The graphic system leverages this heritage, whilst redefining the shield as a modern symbol. The coat of arms becomes a doorway between the past and future of the city. As a graphic element, the shield helps us bridge the past, the future and all the experiences in-between.
Year 2019
Client City of Porvoo
Role Lead designer
Agency Mirum Agency