A mini e-commerce site for a growing cider brand.
Galipette cidre
Visual identity for a tech company set out to make cement carbon neutral.
Furno materials
Visual identity for a start-up set out to change our perspective on nutrition.
Packaging design system for a revolutionary casting products.
UCAST® by Dassiet
Brand design and strategy for a CO 2 certificate marketplace with ambitions to reverse climate change.
Enrich visual communication with bespoke business icons collections.
Metso icons
New visual identity to dust off the old clichés and call everyone to play.
Finnish Golf Association
Gen Z concept for the ice cream tub category.
Good jäätelö
Accelerate digital growth and leads generation through continuous platform development.
Editorial design and illustrations for the financial sector.
Mandatum Life
New product concepts for an iconic swedish akvavit brand.
O.P. Anderson