CD, Creative directionBI, Brand identityAD, Art directionPD, Product designUXI, UX/UI design

A new take on the e-mobility industry with a positive brand identity.

Plugsurfing’s new business strategy led to a radical ambition of forming an industry-wide software alliance. A new brand strategy, identity and applications were created to bring the vision to life, arming Plugsurfing with a new brand to disrupt and transform how the e-mobility industry talks and behaves.
Plugsurfing is the bridge between all the actors of the e-mobility industry; connecting drivers, software and hardware. It is an industry symbol of change, harmony and positivity.
Brand photography
Authentic stories are built of real-life experiences and road trips belong to the open roads. The brand photography goes beyond charging, it redefines what EV life is all about, shifting the perspective from charging itself to the joy of driving and the life happening while you charge. An authentic documentary style photography series of EV life on the go.
Website design
A service design project with stakeholder mapping and insights research helped define user personas, used for brand communication and the foundation of the website content design phase. A messaging matrix was created with each persona, KSP and value propositions in line with the new brand strategy. Combined with buyer journeys, the key messages and personas helped create the website’s information architecture and content wireframe.
Year 2021
Client Plugsurfing
Role Lead designer, Art director, Service designer, Lead UX/UI designer
Agency Werklig
Co-lead designer Jan Rudkiewicz (visual identity)
Photographer Kimmo Syvari
Illustrations Jack Forrest
Development Luxus